Goanna Tree fund

Support our mission

There are many ways you can support our efforts to drive real world impacts

Become a Fund governor

Holders of Forest Folk NFTs become governors of the Tree Fund and get the opportunity to take an active role in deciding how we operate.

Each quarter governors vote on which projects The Fund supports and in which locations around the world. Holders also get exclusive access to a members only discord where they get regular updates on The Fund’s activities. We also hold a weekly NFT giveaway for all governors.

NFTs can be purchased on the Shufl NFT marketplace. We have a partnership with Shufl.app who support The Fund by donating 2.5% of all their secondary platform fees directly to The Fund.

Environmental Impact

Why plant trees?

Carbon Sequestion

Land Regeneration


Make a donation

The Tree Fund accepts donations in all major crypto currencies. All donors receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution. If you are a US resident your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Foreign residents will need to check the tax status of their donation with the relevant local authority.



USDC (Algorand)



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USDC (Ethereum)

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