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How we leverage blockchain technology to deliver real world impact.

Driving real world impacts through NFTs, Defi & Web3.0

The project started with a simple mission. 1 tree planted for each NFT created. To date we have planted over 300,000 trees across five continents.

The fund originally began with a simple mission of planting one tree for each NFT minted by the Goanna NFT project. Within just three months the project had funded the planting of over 40,000 trees.

In December ‘21 the Goanna NFT project partnered with the AK Foundation to formally create the Goanna Tree Fund. Today the initiative has funded the planting of over 300,000 trees acorss five continents and holds a treasury of digital assets worth 1.3MA.

Capital that is raised via donations and community initiatives is invested through various DeFi protocols and governance programs. The generated yield is then used to support conservation efforts and tree planting projects around the globe. This innovative approach allows the fund to be truly sustainable both in terms of the projects it supports and also its own longevity. Through our network of tree planting organizations we have supported projects around the world and contributed to tree planting efforts in Australia, Africa, Northern Europe, North America and South America.

Our short term goal is for The Tree Fund to plant over 1M trees in the next twelve months.


We raise capital via traditional fund raising methods as well as leveraging the potential of web3.0 communities.


The capital is invested into low risk defi protocols and governance.


The generated yield is then used to directly fund the planting of trees.

Community led governance

In early ‘22 we ran an artist search amongst NFT creators to unearth emerging talent. The winner of the artist search, Edsontoast received a grant to work with Al Goanna founder, Benji Wyeth, to develop The Fund’s first dedicated NFT series, Forest Folk.

The collection was released in July ‘22 and sold out within minutes. Owners of Forest Folk NFTs become governors of The Fund and are able to play an active role in key decision making. This is part of a longer term strategy that would see The Fund evolve into a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Volunteer led

The tree fund is volunteer run

The Tree Fund is volunteer run and 100% of the funds will be used to create impact (plant trees, sequester carbon, support farmers and local economy, help habitat, prevent landslides). There are no management fees associated with the Fund.

treefund.io is administered by Shufl Labs on behalf of the Goanna Foundation.


100% of funds used to drive impact


Management fees


100% of funds used to drive impact


Management fees

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We have a number of innovative ways that allow both individuals and institutions to support The Fund.